Precipice – One-word Prompt

Now there are a few ways I could interpret this daily prompt. I could interpret it literally, saying that I have a fear of heights (Which I hope all you sane people have, without which you would probably do crazy things like base jumping and skydiving), or I could interpret it metaphorically saying how life is a precipice and I’m at a big turning point (Which would be a lie, since I’m not a person to consider lying down in my bed with my computer, writing blog posts with a bag of chips a turning point in life).

I could also write about Donald Trump wobbling along the precipice. Continue reading “Precipice – One-word Prompt”


Just qualm down – One-word prompt

Today I was at lost for inspiration. After hours of staring blankly at my screen and scrolling through my WordPress feed, I inevitably ended up bumping into The Daily Post’s daily prompt post.

So about my qualms. I, of course being the half-illiterate had to search qualm in the dictionary. My current qualm is running out of battery on my computer. I also have qualms about going out in public and seeing someone I know (Like I’m the only one who is scared of people). Continue reading “Just qualm down – One-word prompt”

Happy mother’s day

I know it’s a bit late but yesterday I was too busy going for a bike ride with my mom and procrastinating (If anyone invents a cure for procrastination I’ll definitely be the first one to use it), but here is my post about mothers’ day (Don’t worry, I’ll be quick since I’ve got to rush off to my tennis training after this 😖).

And technically, since I have a french nationality, I’m not late for mother’s day because mother’s day in France is on may 28 and in Sweden it’s on may 29, so there. Continue reading “Happy mother’s day”