Making the bullet journal personal

Do you ever wonder why you just can’t get your bullet journal look nice? Why you can’t master that perfect brush lettering? The problem isn’t you, it’s your bullet journal. You need to make a bullet journal that works for you. A nice-looking bullet journal isn’t going to work for you if you only look at it once a week. This isn’t about an aesthetic BuJo. It’s about what works for you.

Don’t know what a bullet journal is? Head over here for an in-depth tutorial on what the bullet journal is and how it works.  Continue reading “Making the bullet journal personal”


Using tabs to organise your bullet journal

One of my great discoveries in the unconquered world of bullet journaling is the tabbed layout.

Tabs are a great way to organise your bullet journal into sections that are easy to scroll through. I use them a lot for spreads I need to see quickly, such as my year in pixels spread.

Unsure of what bullet journals are? Not to worry! Just head right over here to a post explaining what this new concept of planning is.

But… Which ones do I use?

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My February bullet journal layout

The time has come again to turn the page of the calendar and prepare a new bullet journal layout. I took a while doing mine and got (a bit) delayed.

First of all, I had to decide on a theme. I left the title page blank and turned the page and started figuring out which colors I would use. As a watercolor-obsessed, that involved taking my watercolors out and testing the different color combinations I could mix up. Continue reading “My February bullet journal layout”

Keeping a bullet journal movie collection

The movie collection in the bullet journal is the best way to keep track of the movies you’ve watched and the movies you want to watch. There are a number of ways and designs possible, and you can design with your own if you want (Ooh, customisations!).

If you aren’t sure what a bullet journal is, head over here for an in-depth explanation on how it works.


In this post, I’ll be covering 2 designs: the popcorn layout and the filmstrip layout. Both are quite easy to make and don’t require too much time.  Continue reading “Keeping a bullet journal movie collection”

Ugh, bullet journaling

Surely a friend of yours has mentioned bullet journals or you have come across it over the vast realm of the internet. You’ve probably watched a few YouTube videos on the topic and left it forever, dazzled by all the colors and thinking you could never reach that high level of artistry.

The bullet journal is actually much simpler than that. It was designed as a personal planner with the benefit of you being able to use it at your own pace. You can actually make it bright and stunning with intricate brush-lettering and all the other bells and whistles, or as simple as you want. In fact, when Ryder Carroll came up with the bullet journal in 2013, it was designed to be minimalist until people started spicing things up.Image result for bullet journal color index

But… Bullet journals are for women!

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Time Stacking tutorial

Have you ever wondered how photographers make the water appear smooth in photos? Long exposures in broad daylight would require the use of Neutral Density (ND) filters. What if your lens doesn’t come with a filter thread? What if you don’t have an ND filter at hand? This tutorial will teach you how to smooth out water without ND Grads or long exposures. Continue reading “Time Stacking tutorial”

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