Starting with the Arduino

During many phases of my life, I’ve tried and failed with programming. A project I tried a few years ago was building an online social network using HTML and PHP but I never got to finish it. I tried out Android Studio a few months ago but I never really did anything with it. I even tried coding this whole blog myself but I eventually gave up and headed over to the safe haven of WordPress. I’ve got a folder named ‘UNFINISHED PROJECTS’ where I put all those half-finished projects when I don’t have anything to do with them anymore. So the next step? Starting another half-finished project, naturally.

For Christmas I got an Arduino starter kit which comes with all the things you need to start building projects with it. Unfortunately the book it comes with is in Swedish, so I’m having a hard time understanding that but luckily I live in the 21st century and there is a thing called the ‘internet’ which has a lot of helpful forums and websites on the topic of the Arduino. Continue reading “Starting with the Arduino”


Ad-block – Removing the clutter

You know those annoying things that pop up every time you visit a website? That display on almost every video on YouTube? There’s actually a way to remove them! Enter ad blockers.

Ad blockers are simple extensions that you add to your browser to block ads (as the name suggests).

Ok, but why?

Continue reading “Ad-block – Removing the clutter”

Impressions of the Google I/O

For today’s Daily Prompt, I’m going to write about my impressions of last week’s Google I/O

During my routine googling last week, I stumbled upon the Google I/O 2017. I was very impressed by all the new products presented in the keynotes, most particularly the Google Lens

screen shot 2017-05-17 at 11417 pm.png
Goodbye, writing down frustratingly long codes, hello wifi!

which lets you connect to a wifi network just by scanning your phone’s camera over the password on the router. Continue reading “Impressions of the Google I/O”

Here’s why your posts are getting less views on Instagram

Today I’ve decided to write a daily prompt about panic. I’m writing about Instagram’s new stupid algorithm because it really makes me panic when I think about all the people getting less likes from it.

Over the past year, Instagram has been rolling out the new algorithm that changed the way posts appear on your feed. It’s a stupid algorithm created by really smart people. Continue reading “Here’s why your posts are getting less views on Instagram”

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