Deja vu – Evoking memories

For today’s daily prompt, I’m going to be talking about déja vu (Yes, that fancy word that keeps on popping up in songs), in other words those flashbacks you get when eating popcorn, writing an essay, daydreaming, scrolling through Instagram, anywhere actually.

So what is Déja vu?

Scientifically, deja vu occurs in the mesial temporal lobe (After an extensive google, I found out it was around the bottom of the brain), due to a false association of a memory and a current experience, although some studies suggest that déjà vu is a sign that your brain’s memory checking system is working well, and not an early symptom of temporal lobe epilepsy (phew!). Other studies show that pharmaceutical drugs can increase the chances of déjà vu occurring in the user.

“Déja vu is the mind’s way of letting you know that you are at the right place at the right time”

Personally, this happens when I’m doing something that I’ve already done as a child – like buying new shoes reminded me of that time when my parents wanted me to buy these ugly sandals but I didn’t like them.

There’s another form of déja vu – the dream-based déja vu, which is the feeling of having previously seen something in a dream. That also happens a lot to me, and sometimes I get the impression that I see the future in my dreams(yay, fortune-telling superpowers).

Usually, déja vu is supposed to happen in a situation that one knows hasn’t happens before, for example being in London for the first time and having the strange feeling of already having been there. First of all, that never happens to me, but I think that could be due to having already seen photos of the place or having dreamed of it.

Do you experience Déja vu? How? When? Comment it!

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