Here’s what’s ruining the photography industry

That beautiful photo you saw while scrolling through your Instagram feed. The photo you found in a brochure given to you at the shopping mall today. They are all photoshopped.
Photoshopping is ruining the photography industry because any boring old photo can be transformed into a stunning one. You can take an ordinary photo of a tree and turn it into something completely different from the original.

I’ve seen countless before-and-after photos where people show off about how they’ve completely changed the photo. We aren’t talking about ordinary photography anymore, we’re into art photography. The issue is that both forms of photography, traditional and art, are not divided.
Photoshopping is all right, but it should be placed into a different category.
In the olden days, when there was no way of radically changing your photo, you had to make an effort to get a good photo, but now you can take a photo of anything. All those ravishingly edited photos are clogging up the photography industry so there is no place for a well-taken original photo to come out.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s what’s ruining the photography industry

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  1. Well said. I’m really into unfiltered photos. But these days I’m being compelled to photoshop my captures. The people are used to the edited ones that they no more likes to see an unfiltered and original one. It is a bit sad really.

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