Here’s why your posts are getting less views on Instagram

Today I’ve decided to write a daily prompt about panic. I’m writing about Instagram’s new stupid algorithm because it really makes me panic when I think about all the people getting less likes from it.

Over the past year, Instagram has been rolling out the new algorithm that changed the way posts appear on your feed. It’s a stupid algorithm created by really smart people.

So basically what it’s doing is changing the order of how posts appear in your feed based on what they think you want to see. So instead of making them appear chronologically, they appear in seemingly random order based on the machinations of a robot.

What the Instagram executives failed to take notice of is that there are lots of posts that we’re forced to like for political reasons, like my aunt’s selfies, or my colleague’s creative photos of his thumb. Another thing they forgot is that the most effective technology to tell instagram what content I want to see has been there since it first started – it’s the follow button!.

So if you have 50K followers, you may only get 5241 views on a video because it gets hidden somewhere near the bottom of everyone’s feed because of the stupid, frustrating, useless, pointless, dumb algorithm.

The people in the smug black tuxedos up at Instagram actually expect people to pay to get their posts at the top of our feeds.

So this is practically a thing invented by money-grubbing people to squeeze more money out of what is probably the most amazing app in history.

I haven’t been able to post so much lately since I went for the weekend to Slovenia (I will provide coverage about that soon 😉).


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