What music do I listen to?

I’ve decided to write a post about music. I usually listen to music when blogging or reading (My mom is really against listening to music while reading but I’m a multi-tasker). Some people might say I’m a music addict. Maybe I am.

I’m that kind of person who only listens to one type of music (I know, people have told me over and over to try new music but I’m just fine with mine). My kind is EDM or Tropical House. I think it’s one of those love-or-hate things, you either love Tropical House or you hope you never have to listen to it ever again.

Here is a link to a Spotify playlist of mine if you’d like to try some of my music:

As I said before, I think there is some downfall of culture or something going on because a few weeks ago I was on a bus to Dalmatia and this guy started putting psych music and it doesn’t even sound like music. It’s just random noise. Here in Croatia people call it ’tuts-tuts’ music. The moral of the story? Never listen to tuts-tuts music.

So what music app should I use?

I personally use Spotify because I like the way it recommends you new music you might like and how it’s seamless between laptop and phone. I’ve tried Deezer but it didn’t really work for me and I found it too complicated to use(Listening to music shouldn’t be a pain, should it?).

I’ve got the free version of Spotify which shows ads all the time but there is a premium version that hides ads and lets you download music offline (But I’m not entirely sure about spending money on a few ones and zeroes travelling though the world at high-speed).


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