Precipice – One-word Prompt

Now there are a few ways I could interpret this daily prompt. I could interpret it literally, saying that I have a fear of heights (Which I hope all you sane people have, without which you would probably do crazy things like base jumping and skydiving), or I could interpret it metaphorically saying how life is a precipice and I’m at a big turning point (Which would be a lie, since I’m not a person to consider lying down in my bed with my computer, writing blog posts with a bag of chips a turning point in life).

I could also write about Donald Trump wobbling along the precipice.

Nope, I’m going to write about taking a risk in life, creating your own precipice. Not silly things like skydiving and base jumping, but positive, calculated risks.

“You only do good work when you’re taking risks and pushing yourself. ” – Sally Hawkins

I think everyone should take a risk in life (and no, doing eeny meeny miny moe between a packet of chips and a packet of cashews doesn’t count).

My mom certainly took a big risk leaving her job in France to go to New Zealand when I was young, without which I wouldn’t be able to speak english. Taking risks will make you a more creative person, willing to do things. It will give you a different way of living, and will separate you from the usual daily boringness.

Daily Prompt



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