Just qualm down – One-word prompt

Today I was at lost for inspiration. After hours of staring blankly at my screen and scrolling through my WordPress feed, I inevitably ended up bumping into The Daily Post’s daily prompt post.

So about my qualms. I, of course being the half-illiterate had to search qualm in the dictionary. My current qualm is running out of battery on my computer. I also have qualms about going out in public and seeing someone I know (Like I’m the only one who is scared of people).

“I have qualms and wonder what a qualm would look like if you painted it – probably like a bowl of melting ice cream or a dish of jelly just before it sets” – Gloria Whelan

Another thing that makes me feel quite qualmy (is that even a word?!) is pondering about the future. With people like Donald Trump getting elected, I am getting quite worried.

Just today I had a very inspiring conversation with my Croatian teacher about paparazzi going crazy about celebrities like Kim Kardashian while there are people starving, human trafficking etc. that no one cares about.


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