What happened to PhotoHolics?

So yes, I’ve decided to (finally) change my blog name, a result of countless fruitless hours poring over words in the dictionary and checking if each domain is available. Don’t worry, we’ll still be posting the same sort of posts, I just wanted to change the name. I’m not sure about the theme so that might be going soon.

So why The Weekly Blabber, may I ask?

I first wanted to call this site The Coffee Table, but that was taken. I then moved on to The Daily Blabber, but that was taken too so I just changed the adjective to weekly (Easier said than done).

I want it to evoke a place where you can stop for a chat, leave a comment. This probably sounds like gibberish to you all but we’ll just have to cope, but that’s what life is about – we don’t do what we want, we do what we can (Poor translation from the French “On fait pas ce qu’on veut, on fait ce qu’on peut”, from my mom’s friend in France).

What’s that horrible home page doing?

That horrible home page is a real party pooper. I advise you not to look at it just yet because I will change it to a real proper home page soon – it’s on my to-do list.
Any ideas or requests you’d like to submit about the makeover of our blog? Comment them!


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