What happened to PhotoHolics?

So yes, I’ve decided to (finally) change my blog name, a result of countless fruitless hours poring over words in the dictionary and checking if each domain is available. Don’t worry, we’ll still be posting the same sort of posts, I just wanted to change the name. I’m not sure about the theme so that might be going soon.

So why The Weekly Blabber, may I ask?

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Here’s what’s ruining the photography industry

That beautiful photo you saw while scrolling through your Instagram feed. The photo you found in a brochure given to you at the shopping mall today. They are all photoshopped.
Photoshopping is ruining the photography industry because any boring old photo can be transformed into a stunning one. You can take an ordinary photo of a tree and turn it into something completely different from the original.
I’ve seen countless before-and-after photos where people show off about how they’ve completely changed the photo. We aren’t talking about ordinary photography anymore, we’re into art photography. The issue is that both forms of photography, traditional and art, are not divided.
Photoshopping is all right, but it should be placed into a different category.
In the olden days, when there was no way of radically changing your photo, you had to make an effort to get a good photo, but now you can take a photo of anything. All those ravishingly edited photos are clogging up the photography industry so there is no place for a well-taken original photo to come out.

Image Credit: Youtube.com

Reprieve from the usual monotony of life

Today I was daydreaming my way through yet another maths lesson when I thought it would be a good idea to take reprieve from the usual busyness (and monotony) of life.

An isolated mountain hut in Switzerland.

My dream reprieve would probably be a week reading in some isolated mountain hut in Switzerland. Or maybe a house in front of expansive green fields in Sweden.  Continue reading “Reprieve from the usual monotony of life”

Impressions of the Google I/O

For today’s Daily Prompt, I’m going to write about my impressions of last week’s Google I/O

During my routine googling last week, I stumbled upon the Google I/O 2017. I was very impressed by all the new products presented in the keynotes, most particularly the Google Lens

screen shot 2017-05-17 at 11417 pm.png
Goodbye, writing down frustratingly long codes, hello wifi!

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Here’s why your posts are getting less views on Instagram

Today I’ve decided to write a daily prompt about panic. I’m writing about Instagram’s new stupid algorithm because it really makes me panic when I think about all the people getting less likes from it.

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What music do I listen to?

I’ve decided to write a post about music. I usually listen to music when blogging or reading (My mom is really against listening to music while reading but I’m a multi-tasker). Some people might say I’m a music addict. Maybe I am.

I’m that kind of person who only listens to one type of music (I know, people have told me over and over to try new music but I’m just fine with mine). My kind is EDM or Tropical House. I think it’s one of those love-or-hate things, you either love Tropical House or you hope you never have to listen to it ever again.

Here is a link to a Spotify playlist of mine if you’d like to try some of my music:

As I said before, I think there is some downfall of culture or something going on because a few weeks ago I was on a bus to Dalmatia and this guy started putting psych music and it doesn’t even sound like music. It’s just random noise. Here in Croatia people call it ’tuts-tuts’ music. The moral of the story? Never listen to tuts-tuts music.

So what music app should I use?

I personally use Spotify because I like the way it recommends you new music you might like and how it’s seamless between laptop and phone. I’ve tried Deezer but it didn’t really work for me and I found it too complicated to use(Listening to music shouldn’t be a pain, should it?).

I’ve got the free version of Spotify which shows ads all the time but there is a premium version that hides ads and lets you download music offline (But I’m not entirely sure about spending money on a few ones and zeroes travelling though the world at high-speed).

Precipice – One-word Prompt

Now there are a few ways I could interpret this daily prompt. I could interpret it literally, saying that I have a fear of heights (Which I hope all you sane people have, without which you would probably do crazy things like base jumping and skydiving), or I could interpret it metaphorically saying how life is a precipice and I’m at a big turning point (Which would be a lie, since I’m not a person to consider lying down in my bed with my computer, writing blog posts with a bag of chips a turning point in life).

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Just qualm down – One-word prompt

Today I was at lost for inspiration. After hours of staring blankly at my screen and scrolling through my WordPress feed, I inevitably ended up bumping into The Daily Post’s daily prompt post.

So about my qualms. I, of course being the half-illiterate had to search qualm in the dictionary. My current qualm is running out of battery on my computer. I also have qualms about going out in public and seeing someone I know (Like I’m the only one who is scared of people). Continue reading “Just qualm down – One-word prompt”